PYPL Season 5 Rules

  1. This is a six-week season with a minimum of 25 games that have to be played in order to make the playoffs. NO EXCUSES THIS YEAR!
  2. Every Season game MUST BE STREAMED
  3. All roster changes are five dollars and must be approved by “Mo” or “ontherocks10” before you are allowed to play with that player
  4. If you lag out in the first quarter its an automatic restart If you lag out in the second keep the point spread and play three quarters, if you lag out in the third play two quarters, and if you lag out in the fourth play one quarter ***You must have VIDEO PROOF of all LAG OUTS
  5. This is an OPEN SCHEDULE you can play every team whenever a maximum of three times. If you do decide to schedule a game with a team you must send screenshot proof of said conversation to “Ontherocks10” or “Mo” for it to be valid. If a scheduled game is deemed valid there is a 20 minute grace period!
  6. If you have any questions about rosters during a game do NOT quit out, play it then notify “ontherocks10” personally and he will check the screenshot to see if they had a valid roster or not! If you start a game and have to reset the game due to a lag out you MUST come back in with the same line-up! If you don’t its an automatic FORFEIT!
  7. All Screenshots must go in the Discord season 5 screenshot channel for the game to be valid! It must be a PS4 screenshot and posted within 24 hours of your game played . Dicord Link =