Showtime401Boxer (Rams) Looked Like Melo With The Hoodie On Vs. The Texans(SportsGamer2010)!

Going into the Rams (Showtime401Boxer) vs. Texans (SportsGamer2010) game the Texans were showing improvement on both sides of the ball but it didn’t even take one quarter for the Rams to shatter any hopes of winning for the Texans. This matchup resembled more of a parent spanking a child than it did a competitive football fact the only thing competitive about this match was the opening coin toss. The Texans looked like a little league football team and the Rams were easily doing ANYTHING that they wanted to do at any given time. The best analogy that we can use to describe how this game went down is Mike Tyson vs. Rhonda Rhousy… The Texans will need to go put an ice pack on their head and try to bounce back next week. In fact, the outcome of the game was so lopsided and sad that the replay of the game will not be shown on ESPN but comedy central instead. The Rams will move forward as one of the top dominate teams in the league led by the #2 rushing leader of all time. Showtime401Boxer and the Texans led by SportsGamer2010 will need to regroup in hopes of making the playoffs.

Author: TheCommish

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