League Rules


  • Difficulty: All Madden
  • Quarter Length: 6 min
  • Week Advances: Monday 10 pm EST , Wednesday 10 pm EST & Friday 10 pm EST
  • XP has been increased for faster player development.
  • Injuries have been reduced.


  • This league is for active players only. It is your responsibility to contact your opponent to set up your game. Your opponents information will be available on the franchise page & will be posted in the Facebook group. It is your responsibility to contact your opponent. If you tag your opponents name in the Facebook group it will be visible to the commissioners and in the event that your opponent cannot be played we can using this posting to award you the win. If your opponent does not respond you must tag the commissioner in the Facebook post that you posted looking for your opponent so that you can receive a forced win. If you do not tag your opponents name in the Facebook group we will not have any way to confirm that you were available for the game. If both players are unable to agree upon a game time the game will be automatically simulated. If a player is unavailable for two weeks in a row that player will may be removed from the league without warning.
  • You must be a member of the Facebook Group to compete (https://www.facebook.com/groups/1549205668688302/) Make sure the your notifications are enabled so that players can “tag” your name to arrange games. The group was created so that everyone can communicate with each other. The rule of thumb is if you did not post Public to the group..it didn’t happen. Make sure that you reach out to your opponent in the group by tagging his name so that there will be a “paper trail” of the communication. If you reach out by team name this doesn’t count because it did not “tag” your opponent to notify them.
  • Place yourself on auto if you cannot play. Asking for an extension delays the league but if advance notice is given an extension may be granted to give players time to play.  If you can no longer play in the league notify the administrator and remove yourself from the league.
  • If your opponent is a computer opponent you must play the game or it will be simulated.
  • If the game disconnects (a.k.a. loses sync) attempt to replay the game. If players cannot agree to replay the game the player who had the lead before the disconnect will receive the force win and or the commisioner will determine the outcome.
  • If a game disconnects both parties should immediately replay the game. If one person is unable to replay the game and that person did not have the lead they will receive a loss.
  • Try to schedule your game with your opponent as soon as possible. If players cannot agree upon a time to play then the commissioner will determine the outcome of the game. Preference will be given to the player that had the most flexibility/availability and has shown the most effort to play the game. (If your availability is limited you may be replaced by a more available person. ) Please remember to ALWAYS post public to the Facebook group so that there will be a “paper trail” of the attempt to arrange the game.
  • “Trouble makers” may be removed from the league without warning. Any player that performs any action that could negatively impact the league experience for other players may be removed without warning.
  • If you cannot play but would still like to participate in the league then you must place yourself on auto. However two consecutive auto’s may result in being removed from the league. There are circumstances in which an active player may be away so each situation will be handled accordingly.
  • League will advance every Monday, Wednesday and Friday or sooner if all games have been completed. After you play your game place yourself on auto so that we will know you are ready to advance. The league can move faster if people are ready to advance faster.
  • All players are responsible for reaching out to their opponent to set up the game. The Admin(s) will be responsible for keeping an up to date contact list of all current players. Use Facebook to  tag the name of your opponent so that they may be notified. If your opponent has not responded by the advance time notify the commissioner(s) so that you will be awarded the win (There must be a public post to the Facebook group showing that you tagged his name and that he was unable to play in order for the win to be awarded). If neither party has posted anything in the group regarding arranging the game or if names were not tagged in the post then the game will be simulated.
  • No quitting – We track game statistics and all time records. Do not quit the game..even if you are getting blown out. Anyone who intentionally quits may be removed from the league without warning.
  • No stupid stuff  – No intentional lagging, Ridiculous Trade or Trade Offers, Releasing all of the good players to free agency, changing a players position cutting and resigning for lower salary cap, starting games you can’t finish, etc. In the event that someone is cheating please provide a screenshot or upload the video to Youtube so that an administer may see the violation.
  • You must have a lag free connection in order to play in this league. Multiple complaints about slow speeds from a player may get that player removed. Commissioner may request a speed and ping test to confirm speeds.
  • Be Active! – Use Facebook to communicate when you’ll be available to your opponent. Open communication helps the league move smoother. If you can’t be available let the group know via Facebook or place yourself on auto. Anyone who isn’t responsive may be removed from the league without warning.
  • There are no “SIM Rules” –  We do not dictate how players should play in game. We ask that everyone be respectful of their opponent and in the event that a players conduct is harming the league, that player will be removed.
  • Trash talk is apart of the game but excessive profanity or disrespect will not be tolerated. Also, players harassing other players via private/public messages will be removed.
  • Penalties for breaking rules may include mandatory losses. (If a rule was deemed to be broken non intentionally but still player affecting) Or removed from the league if it is determined that the broken rule is intentional and or on going and player affecting.
  • If you’re opponent isn’t available for the game and you are needing a forced win be sure to inform the admin.


As a friendly reminder we are here to play games, network with other competitive gamers and have fun. Trash talk is cool but internet tough guys and virtual threats are not allowed here. If you have aggression in you then go visit your local boxing/mma club or join the military and request to be placed on the front line. We are all here to play games and have fun. There is ZERO tolerance for any threats or back and forth internet gangster talk. Friendly competitive trash talk is cool but don’t make it personal and don’t harass anyone. If anyone has any issues please send screen shots to the commissioner(s). Additionally, a player may be removed if it is determined by the commissioner that the players conduct is harming the league.