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Playoff Predictions

Texans (SportsGamer2010) @ Jaguars (SHOWTIME401BOXER) – History is not in the favor of SportsGamer2010. SportsGamer2010 has managed to make a few of the previous matches vs. SHOWTIME401BOXER competitive but we don’t expect any miracles in this match up this time.
Eagles (wiscoboy32) @ Seahawks (key-so-retro) – If by some miracle Wiscoboy32 actually showed up to play this game odds are he’d still loose.
Dolphins (THA-BIGGA-FIGGA1) @ Chiefs (Hemphill51)  – The battle of the inactives. We’re quite certain that a sim will determine the outcome of this game being that both of these guys have missed alot of games this season.
Giants (DARKKNIGHTVILLIN) @ Buccaneers (washingtonboy278) – If every single player on the Giants get injured between now and the kick off then the Bucs might have a chance. We’re picking DARKKNIGHTVILLIN to advance easily past the Bucs (If they show up to play).

Seahawks (Key_so_retro) have the 2 most feared receivers in the league

The Seahawks somehow managed to obtain Tony Stephens  in the off season.

GamertagReceiving YardsSeasonPlayer
dirtybirdBONE3,2884(Madden 17)Tony Stephens
BellyBuckz3,1444(Madden 17)Tyler Lockett
Armdiggy2,2814(Madden 17)A.J. Green
Hemphill5119924(Maden 17)Tyreek Hill
Hemphill5120745(Madden 17)Tyreek Hill

Tony Stephens will now be teammates with Tyler Lockett. Last Season these two receivers were the only to receivers to exceed 3,000 yards in receiving. These guys are going to cause some major issues for teams now that they are both Seahawks. Key_so_retro made some good moves in the off season and now his passing game cannot be taken lightly.



We cannot say enough about SHOWTIME401BOXER and his stick skills. This guy has proven that it does matter what running back he has.. He can put up numbers with ANYBODY. SHOWTIME401BOXER has literally clinched every rushing title (yards & TD’s) since his rookie year and he has done this with multiple running backs. There are talks of SHOWTIME401BOXER being the G.O.A.T running back. The scary thing is this guy is still young and has many years left in his career. SHOWTIME401BOXER shattered the rushing touchdown record in Season #4 by rushing for an unprecedented 50 touchdowns! We expect to see even greater things from SHOWTIME401BOXER next Season and we are sure that his team will return from the Off Season with more speed and more power. Congrats to the Season #4 MVP SHOWTIME401BOXER.

Season #4 Coach Of The Year

The Coach Of The Year award for Season #4 goes to DarkKnightVillin. We are happy to see this coach receive this reward as he is one of the most humblest coaches in the league, one of the most active coaches and also one of the most skillful players. DarkKnightVillin was plagued with injuries this Season but still managed to clinch a playoff spot with a 14-2 record! Congrats to DarkKnightVillin and teams better be on the lookout if his squad can remain healthy next Season.