Month: September 2017

League Players If You Can No Longer Play Please Communicate!!!!

Please let the admin know by posting to the Facebook Group or sending a private message if you can no longer play. Instead of searching for active and inactive players we would rather be writing articles about your gameplay, creating highlight videos and working on other perks to improve league. Please help us help you. Thanks to all of the veteran players who continue to return each season. The better the communication and the more cooperative people we have the more we can focus on other aspects of this league. Thanks.

PreSeason Week #3 | Top 5 Teams

Preseason Rankings

(Click Players Name To View Career Stats | Players that did not complete a full season will not have profiles)

  1. Patriots – Still_In_A_Chevy – is a returning player that has had issues in the past season being consistent. GameAthlete analysis predict that Chevy will not be a top 5 team mid season despite Chevy’s preseason success. Chevy has had issues in previous seasons finishing the season so many are anxious to see if this player will take the game seriously this Season.
  2. Rams – Showtime401Boxer – Showtime is ranked #6 in all time scoring points, #2 in all time rushing yards, #6 in all time sacks & #3 in all time interceptions…his stats speak for themselves. Showtime has proven that he is a top tier player in this league.  The only thing missing from Showtime’s resume is a super bowl victory. Analyst predict that Showtime will clinch a super bowl within the next 4 seasons…but will it be this season is the question?
  3. Titans – BellyBuckz – Buckz is a former super bowl winner and seasoned veteran that’s ranked #3 in all time offensive points & #3 in rushing yards.  Buckz comes to bring the pain every game and is one of the most passionate and dedicated players in the league. Many analyst feel that Buckz can take his team to the super bowl this year.
  4. Ravens – OsoArrogantSossa – Rookie season no report.
  5. Chiefs – tyrellestephens1 – Tyrelle is a returning player who has also had some trouble in the past completing seasons due to injury. Analyst are eager to assess Tyrelle’s skill level but he will need to complete a few seasons before analyst are capable of providing an accurate assessment.