Month: June 2017

Wiscoboy32 sets new record for individual sacks.

Wiscoboy32 now holds the league record for most sacks in a Season. Wiscoboy32 finished Season #5 with 19.0 sacks.

Hemphill5114.54(Madden 17)Justin Houston(Chiefs)
BellyBuckz16.54(Madden 17)Mario Addison(Panthers)
SHOWTIME401BOXER16.54(Madden17)Danielle Hunter (Jaguars)
wiscoboy3216.04(Madden17)Brandon Graham (Eagles)
meskinMamba715.04(Madden 17)Khalil Mack (Raiders)
wiscoboy3219.05(Madden 17)Brandon Graham

Season #5 Most Receiving Yards

Hemphill51 finished 1st in individual receiving yards with a total of 2,074 yards.

GamertagReceiving YardsSeasonPlayer
dirtybirdBONE3,2884(Madden 17)Tony Stephens
BellyBuckz3,1444(Madden 17)Tyler Lockett
Armdiggy2,2814(Madden 17)A.J. Green
Hemphill5119924(Maden 17)Tyreek Hill
Hemphill5120745(Madden 17)Tyreek Hill

Season #5 Most Individual Rushing Touchdowns

NuthinBut_Dabest shatters the record for most rushing touchdowns in a Season by rushing for 60 touchdowns!

NuthinBut_Dabest605(Madden 17)Lenny Lesueur
SHOWTIME401BOXER504(Madden 17)Showtime Reed
AlexanderTremell341(Madden 16)Todd Gurley
BellyBuckz263(Madden 16)C.J. Spiller
SHOWTIME401BOXER263(Madden16)Joe Reed
BellyBuckz262(Madden16)Laqwan Bell

Season #5 Passing Touchdown Leader

Hemphill51 clinched the Season #5 Passing Touchdown record by throwing for 43 touchdowns. Hemphill51 is currently ranked #5 in most Passing Touchdowns in a single Season.

GreenRanger_MSU825(Madden16)Brandon Marshall
ROOK0187574(Madden 16)Jameis Winston
ROOK0187513(Madden16)Jameis Winston
dirtybirdBONE504(Madden 17)Trevor Siemian
Key_So_Retro584(Madden 17)Russell Wilson
Hemphill51435(Madden 17)Lane Bacon

Season #5 Most Individual Passing Yards

In Season #5 Nuthinbut_Dabest led all players with most individual passing yards by throwing for a total of 4,962 yards in the season. This ranks Nuthinbut_Dabest #2 in most individual passing yards in a Season. The #1 position belongs to GreenRanger_MSU who threw for over 6,700 yards in Season 5(Madden16) many critics believe that the passing mechanics in Madden 16 were easier than 17 and this is the reason that the record stands but despite what many critics argue about the record stands.  

Key_So_Retro4,9413(Madden 17)Nick Marshall
SportsGamer20104,1202(Madden 17)Brock Osweiler
MemphisPride9014,0592(Madden17)Aaron Rodgers
GreenRanger_MSU6,7215(Madden16)Brandon Marshall
Nuthinbut_Dabest49625(Madden17)Jameis Winston

NuthinBut_Dabest sets a new rushing record in Season #5

NuthinBut_Dabest has proven to be one of the most explosive players in GameAthlete history. In 5 Seasons he has averaged 39.2 points per game! In addition to his high scoring offense this Season he adds a new award to his accolades. NuthinBut_Dabest set a new league record in Season #5 by rushing for 3,586 yards.

GamertagRushing YardsSeasonPlayer
SHOWTIME401BOXER30404(Madden 17)Showtime Reed
SHOWTIME401BOXER19703(Madden 17)Joe Reed
BellyBuckz17812(Madden 17)Laqwan Bell
Snoop_IsThe_Name16501(Madden16)Melvin Gordon
SHOWTIME401BOXER15592(Madden16)Joe Reed

NuthinBut_Dabest is a 5 Season veteran that has alot of potential. We look forward to seeing this player compete in Madden 18.

Playoff Predictions

Texans (SportsGamer2010) @ Jaguars (SHOWTIME401BOXER) – History is not in the favor of SportsGamer2010. SportsGamer2010 has managed to make a few of the previous matches vs. SHOWTIME401BOXER competitive but we don’t expect any miracles in this match up this time.
Eagles (wiscoboy32) @ Seahawks (key-so-retro) – If by some miracle Wiscoboy32 actually showed up to play this game odds are he’d still loose.
Dolphins (THA-BIGGA-FIGGA1) @ Chiefs (Hemphill51)  – The battle of the inactives. We’re quite certain that a sim will determine the outcome of this game being that both of these guys have missed alot of games this season.
Giants (DARKKNIGHTVILLIN) @ Buccaneers (washingtonboy278) – If every single player on the Giants get injured between now and the kick off then the Bucs might have a chance. We’re picking DARKKNIGHTVILLIN to advance easily past the Bucs (If they show up to play).