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NBA 2K18 – Early Tip-Off Edition

The highest rated* annual sports title of this console generation returns with NBA 2K18, featuring unparalleled authenticity and improvements on the court. *According to 2008 – 2016

Only at GameStop! Pre-order NBA 2K18 Legends Edition Gold and receive Early tip-Off Weekend Access on 9/15/17. Pre-order on!

The NBA 2K18 Legend Edition Gold includes the following digital items:

    • Shaq Attaq shoes
    • Rookie Shaq jersey
    • Shaq Official Logo shirt
    • Shaq “nickname” jersey
    • Shaq Championship ring
    • Mitchell & Ness Shaq jersey collection – 5 in total
    • Kyrie Irving MyPlayer Apparel
    • 250,000 VC
    • 40 MyTEAM Packs to build your perfect fantasy team (delivered one a week). Featuring a guaranteed Shaq card, one random Team 2K Free Agent card, and more!

Physical items:

  • Poster
  • All 10 Panini Cards
  • Shaq MyTEAM Stickers
  • Lenticular
    *Physical Items not included with Digital

Teams With Most Games Played As Of 5-26-2017

Here are the top 10 most active teams.

  1. Grizzlies – (SportsGamer2010) – 52 Games played
  2. Warriors – (Murdock_405_) –  45 Games played
  3. Hornets  – (StayBreezy) – 35 Games played
  4. Suns – (Darylgotswag) – 32 Games played
  5. Pelicans –  (REupGANG216) – 31 Games played
  6. Thunder – (airpartee33) –  27 Games played
  7. Celtics –  (sidthekid617) – 27 Games played
  8. Heat –  (JParedes101) – 25 Games played
  9. Knicks – (bread_breakah) – 25 Games played
  10. Mavericks (Eatonsanity31) –   24 Games played

Player Spotlight: Murdock_405_

Murdock_405_ is the #2 ranked most active player In the league with 45 total games played.

Murdock_405_ is currently leading the Pacific Division but has not yet clinched a playoff spot. The Warriors are playing some great ball despite not having one person in the top ten of any statistical category.

76ers are available!

This team will more than likely find a new owner quick! This team has the dead eye 3 point shooter Larry Bird (arguably one of the best 3 point shooters of all time), Shaq (The most dominate inside Center of all time) , Kwali Leanard (Superstar on both sides of the ball) & James Harden!!!!!!!! Anyone who is fortunate enough to get this team has no excuse to not make the playoffs!

Utah Jazz Sign Head Coach Jdawg_242

Jdag_242 was very eager to accept his new role as head coach of the VERY talented Utah Jazz. As we approach the weekend we anticipate that Utah will participate in many games and we will have an opportunity to see how Jdawg_242 manages his new talented team.. Jdawg_242 doesn’t waste any time…rumor has it that trade offers have already been sent from his new head coach.

Contact List (Updated 5-10-2017)

Contact List:
Atlanta Hawks – Lee Foreman – mrpaybacc
Boston Celtics – Sidney Francis -Sidthekid617
Brooklyn Nets – Marquis Mckinney – Shid_WhyNot
Charlotte Hornets – Brian Summers – StayBreezy
Chicago Bulls- ????? – Devonf337
Cleveland Cavaliers – Jay TuReal – Billy93jblaze
Dallas Mavericks – ????? – BTWoady55
Denver Nuggets – Jeremy Vaughn – Squadupzero
Detroit Pistons – DatBøy Shâwñ – X-CR1M3-_SC3N3-Z
Golden State Warriors – Kevin Mcneal Jr. – Murdock_405_
Houston Rockets – Rashad Jones – RaTeD_R_27
Indiana Pacers – Anthony Edward Adams Arrington Jr.  – AEAAJ26
Los Angeles Clippers – Trey Henderson – Daize_Karma
Los Angeles Lakers – ????? – YaBoyGoHam
Memphis Grizzlies – Brian Burnett – SportsGamer2010
Miami Heat – Jakeil Kemp – Jdawg_242
Milwaukee Bucks – Chris Navarro – Edgarnavarro_
Minnesota Timberwolves – Tommy Owens – Owens169
New Orleans Pelicans – Devonte Jackson – REUPGANG216
New York Knicks – Bryant Herron – bread_breakah
Oklahoma City Thunder – ????? – airpartee33
Orlando Magic – ????? – holdenwilde30572
Phoenix Suns – Daryl Banks – Darylgotswag
Portland Trail Blazers – Da’Quan Moore – GreenRanger_MSU
Philadelphia 76ers – ????? – BeezyAllah
Sacramento Kings – Neil Stone – GFyrSLF23
San Antonio Spurs – ???? – coupe1010
Utah Jazz – ????? – Dtra62
Washington Wizards – Cletis Thomas – Mook8894

Dirk Isn’t The Hero We Thought He Was (24.8 points per game)

At first glance it would appear that Dirk Nowitzki is leading the league in scoring but this team has only played a total of 9 games this season. Although head coach C33J_King is a proven veteran that has put up very impressive numbers in previous leagues he will need to maintain this average while playing more games and GameAthlete analyst predict that this will be very difficult to achieve.